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Astun Technology is the UK market leader for geospatial solutions with enterprise level support, built on Open Source foundations.  Founded by Mike Saunt in 2005 Astun has developed an innovative suite of products and services which are now in use with over 60 organisations including Local Authorities, National Parks, Blue Light Services and Social Housing. Astun also provides mentoring, training and bespoke application development.

Astun is peopled by OSGeo experts and enthusiasts with over 100 years' experience in the Geospatial industry. Our software engineers have a ‘can do’ ethos and work in an agile development environment.


Astun Data Services - Managing Ordnance Survey base map data and imagery requires specialist software and can be time consuming. Astun Data Services offers a simple low cost alternative for PSGA members (or those with an alternative OS licence) to access national cover (or a licenced subset) of MasterMap and other data sets as a WMS or WMTS and a vector download service with two attractive cartographic styles.