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Atlas Mapping is a provider of innovative solutions that produce real business value to clients and we are passionate about breaking the boundaries of convention.

Primarily focused on the franchise market, our pioneering solutions for franchisers, belief in ethical franchising, and commitment to franchise success has not gone unnoticed. Just over a year after our launch, Atlas Mapping was awarded the accolade of Brand Partner to The British Franchise Association, the UK’s only self-regulatory body representing ethical franchising.

Partner solutions

Using Ordnance Survey Code-Point and Code-Point Open we have drastically improved the process of automatically allocating our clients’ enquiries to the right resource.

Using the incredible accuracy of Code-Point we can confidently pinpoint the location of any enquiries using their Postcode. This location is then cross referenced against a database of stored boundaries which define our clients’ franchise or sales territories. By integrating this solution with a website, our clients are able to save £000’s in labour costs whilst simultaneously improving the customer experience.