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AXIO-NET GmbH provides reference networked services delivering highly accurate, satellite-based positioning and navigation. The portfolio covers GNSS-correction data for a large number of different applications in the fields of surveying, construction, coastal shipping and automotive. Correction data is supplied according to RTCM standards and supported by a sophisticated monitoring system.

Through FarmRTK, AXIO-NET provides the Precision Farming user, a highly accurate correction data service for applications in agriculture. AXIO-NET also offers different engineering solutions as well as the implementation and operation of reference networks. With 20 years of experience, AXIO-NET, founded by EADS Astrium and ALLSAT, supplies state-of-the-art precise satellite-based technology.

Partner solutions

Owing to the supply of GNSS-correction data for different applications AXIO-NET enables surveying engineers a more efficient use of modern satellite-based technology: anytime, at any place and independent of manufacturer. Highest accuracies are needed, for example, for navigation on sounding vessels, for dynamic applications for controlling heavy machines or for navigation and positioning in the FemernBelt Project.

AXIO-NET supplies a highly available RTK service for applications in agriculture and provides RTK signals of StarFireMobileRTK. Agricultural machines equipped with automatic guidance systems can be run with centimetre precision on the same track again and again, considering the varying productivity within a field.