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Established in 2000, Basemap is a specialist provider of digital mapping, travel time analysis and transport data solutions to both the private and public sector.

Basemap are experts in all types of transport data, providing average and speed limit data for use with Ordnance Survey Highways, as well at bus and coach timetable data which is released as Open Data under contract from the Department for Transport. Basemap's extensive experience with transportation datasets and Ordnance Survey data allows them to easily advise and guide for your business.

Partner solutions

TRACC is the leading multi modal travel time analysis solution. TRACC is the only desktop application than can accurately model walking, cycling, car and public transport travel times by utilising precise datasets for all modes of transport allowing for detailed accurate analysis. TRACC is used by local and national organisations around the world from local plans to national scale models, TRACC can perform millions of precise calculations to evaluate an areas access to key services, support new bus routes, office relocation, housing and transport infrastructure plans.

Highways Analyst links details GPS data from vehicles to Ordnance survey data to allow detailed and accurate visualisation and reporting of traffic data in the cloud.

EVR is helping delivery fleets switch from combustion engines to low emissions vehicles, providing accurate routes which are optimised for electric vehicles. The detailed reports can really help give vital insight into switching to electric.

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