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Established in 1994, Beacon Dodsworth are a Yorkshire-based mapping and data consultancy. We provide geographic information system (GIS) mapping software and market analysis tools to a diverse range of industries, from media and retail to health and the public sector.

Our two flagship tools are Prospex, our powerful desktop GIS software, and MapVision, a web-based mapping and location intelligence tool. These tools let clients quickly analyse and visualise data through mapping as well as simulate drive times and create catchments.

Beacon Dodsworth also provides demographic, boundary, journey time, and census data, for use in mapping software packages. We offer a bespoke consultancy service, tailored to our clients’ needs to provide the best value to clients without their own data specialists.

Partner solutions

Beacon Dodsworth are proud to partner with Ordnance Survey to provide our clients with the very best solutions to all their mapping and data requirements. Code-Point Open, OS OpenMap Local, OS Open Roads and other OS OpenData sets form a key part of our Prospex and MapVision location intelligence products.

For clients needing more detailed mapping or bespoke mapping apps, including PSGA members, we can incorporate any Ordnance Survey dataset. We will make our recommendations based on the needs and budget of the client. For example, we have used OS address and boundary data, and OS Highways for logistics and mobility survey applications.