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Blackwell’s provides a comprehensive and cost-effective mapping solution for the UK & Northern Ireland, whether for domestic planning or professional geospatial services. 

Blackwell’s Mapping Services has over 50 years of experience supplying the private and public sectors as an Ordnance Survey Partner, providing individuals with maps for planning permission as well as a full suite of mapping solutions for professionals.

As a one-stop solution for a huge selection of products, including aerial imagery, historical mapping, height, address and transport data, full utility reports and more, Blackwell’s also offers free registration, support and credit account facilities for customers.

How they can help you

Blackwell’s specialist team provides a fast-responsive customer service and can advise on the best solution for any specific requirements for an individual or business. All solutions are supplied with the latest datasets available, and can also provide a range of combined products, mapping feeds, data translation and licensing solutions for intelligent mapping.

The company offers two online options in order to maximise efficiency and keep costs down: A simple planning map service, or a professional online solution, which enables customers to view, create and download geospatial data instantly, in a diverse range of formats.

Planning Maps includes site-centred location & block plans, suitable for planning permission and land registry - available in minutes at highly affordable prices.

Professional Mapping includes the most up to date Ordnance Survey mapping and GIS data to support businesses, with decades of experience trusted by private companies & the public sector.

In addition, Blackwell’s has a printed map service and supplies all essential professional books and contracts.

Blackwell’s works with any business to work out the best mapping solution to suit their needs, as well as individuals. 

Blackwell’s is a service that can be used as often or as little as needed, that offers upfront, clear & competitive prices. 


"Blackwell’s web interface makes ordering mapping quick and easy, the staff are knowledgeable and on hand to help if needed. The timely delivery of historic maps is critical to the fast delivery of our work. Something our clients value."
Sally Jones, Graphics Officer, Archaeology Collective
"Working with Blackwell over the last few years has been very beneficial for WDH. I had underestimated the value of the services an OS reseller could offer, especially to a small GIS team like ours. Blackwell also handle the pre-processing and testing of data, which is especially important for keeping our OS MasterMap database up to date and accurate. We have an excellent working relationship, and Blackwell have suggested innovative use of OS products, and have been happy to help us find solutions to problems using the data."
Paul Wake, GIS Analyst, Wakefield District Housing