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Bluesky is an innovative and agile geographic information company formed in 2003 with the capability to capture, process, create and derive a broad range of market specific spatial datasets. 

These include vertical and oblique aerial photography, LiDAR, Thermal Infrared Imagery, 3D city models, mesh models and tree mapping and other specialist mapping. Bluesky also undertake bespoke aerial surveys for a diverse range of customers across many market sectors, including utilities, insurance, telcos, government, transport and property. 


Bluesky has taken national mapping to the next level by enhancing and merging OS data with its own national data, including height information to OS vector mapping. Bluesky has taken OS data, including buildings and used it to segment detailed 3D mesh models, extract roof details, assist in modelling and clutter analysis, Bluesky has also recently been applying machine learning techniques, to a raft of data including some OS data. 

As a hub of innovation Bluesky is always ready to apply the use of GI data to any potential application and has access to specialities to find a solution to your problem.