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CentremapsLive specialises in topographical, measured building and underground services surveying where data capture and information accuracy is critical. As an Ordnance Survey ‘Mapping and Data Centre’, we’re an established provider of digital and paper mapping.

We’re constantly evolving to deliver the latest datasets and technologies to clients and partners. We have our own mapping data portal, complete with a comprehensive choice of datasets for the whole of the UK. You can simply cut out the bit of mapping you need, download it and start using it in a matter of seconds.


CentremapsLive provides a plug-in free cross-browser operating system solution for locating, viewing, licensing and downloading geospatial data in a range of formats.

We provide a definitive source of the most current datasets for the UK, offering both raw data and combined products, such as BGS geological mapping in a layered PDF document. Data ranges from detailed large-scale mapping through historical mapping to addressing, aerial imagery, height, geology, environmental, utility information and more. We also offer hosted solutions, mapping feeds and consultancy.