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emapsite helps businesses of all sizes realise the value of location data. It can reveal the insight hidden in your data and procure the right geospatial solutions for any situation.

For over 20 years, emapsite has been one of the UK’s leading specialists in mapping and location data services. emapsite combines geo and business data to help SMEs, Enterprise level businesses and government users create insights, analyse and find value in their data.

To date, emapsite solutions have been at the heart of progress being made by over 2,000 SMEs, 14 FTSE 100 firms, and 15 key government entities. The company can draw on a wide expanse of cross-sector expertise to provide geo-oriented, unique business intelligence; it hosts data for efficiency-focused companies; and works collaboratively and consultatively with in-house teams that want to realise all the tangible benefits of data innovation, dashboarding and modelling.

How they can help you

emapsite’s Mapshop provides location-data solutions for needs in every sector – it is an easy to navigate platform containing a huge range of products, from enterprise-sized datasets to bite-sized maps, in varying levels of detail and formats.

The Spatialise team at emapsite excels at combining geospatial insights with proprietary business information to deliver unique competitive advantage for their clients, using in-house cloud capabilities and project-focused AI solutions to help you to innovate at pace. emapsite works alongside organisations in any industry to demystify your most complex datasets and reveal the value that’s otherwise hidden in your data.

While it works in any industry, emapsite specialises in Asset Management, Utilities, Infrastructure, Telcoms, Insurance, Land and Property.

emapsite’s solution are most appropriate for Enterprise and Mid-sized level organisations. Costs range from £50,000- 250,000.


In the insurance industry emapsite reduces the cost of finding a competitive advantage, by providing rich data analytics that will unlock new insights at a price you can afford, in a way that helps your business.

For developers, emapsite can help the search for optimum locations – by analysing location data to find the highest return potential in less than obvious places, it can reveal untapped supplies of land that are ideal for specific, niche purposes.

The company has extensive experience with central and local government, providing dashboards and location data-as-a-service solutions. Spatialising your data, emapsite can surface the insights that bring down costs and deliver more citizen-focused services.

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