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We are one of the UK’s foremost location data suppliers. Customers know us best for our “we can solve that problem!” approach to location data, and the huge range of mapping products and services we offer.

emapsite’s mapping portal

Our mapping portal is the UK’s one-stop gateway to authoritative mapping data – and beyond.

As well as OS’s own data (and the Environment Agency’s, plus over 30 other top sources), you’ll find our own, derived mapping datasets ready to go, in multiple formats. 

Map everything, everywhere. With 100% confidence. Share your plans, get reports for environmental data and underground assets, and get rid of mapping licensing headaches by using ContractorLink – our hosted location data solution for enterprise partners.

emapsite’s partner solutions

If you want data extracts in a hurry, or to license and share data with ease, or to create custom site plans and reports of all kinds – for the environment, for utilities etc – get in touch.

We offer an OGC-compliant service that gives you direct access to all the location data you need.

Our APIs speed up the process and cut down your costs. This is location analytics on demand – everything from simple images, to searches, queries, modelling, mash-ups and more. 

emapsite’s innovation services

Do you have a location challenge that needs a ‘can do’ approach? Innovation comes in many forms.

From nationwide enterprise-sized data challenges to niche, specialist data services – tap into emapsite’s expertise. There’s no limit to what location data can do, and we have the case studies to prove it.

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