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For over 20 years, emapsite has been at the forefront of the UK geospatial industry - helping businesses of all sizes realise the value of location data.

emapsite’s mapping portal

The emapsite team can help you to reveal the insight that's hidden in your own data, and procure the right mapping and location-data services for any situation, in every sector.

For over 20 years, we've been one of the UK’s leading specialists in mapping and location data services. Our Mapshop is second to none for location-data needs in every sector, and our Spatialise team excels at combining geospatial insights with proprietary business information to deliver unique competitive advantage for our clients.

emapsite’s partner solutions

If you want data extracts in a hurry, or to license and share data with ease, or to create custom site plans and reports of all kinds – for the environment, for utilities etc – get in touch.

We offer an OGC-compliant service that gives you direct access to all the location data you need.

Our APIs speed up the process and cut down your costs. This is location analytics on demand – everything from simple images, to searches, queries, modelling, mash-ups and more. 

emapsite’s innovation services

As a leading specialist in geospatial solutions we combine geo and business data to help SME’s, Enterprise level businesses and government users create insights, analyse and find value in their data.

To date, our work sits at the heart of rapid progress being made by over 2,000 SMEs, 14 FTSE 100 firms, and 15 key, government entities. We can draw on a wide expanse of cross-sector expertise to provide geo-oriented, unique business intelligence; we host data for efficiency-focused companies; and we work collaboratively and consultatively with in-house teams that want to realise all the tangible benefits of data innovation, dashboarding and modelling.

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