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Meet the partner

Experian plc

Experian is an industry-leading provider of global data quality, management and enrichment solutions that are designed to unlock the power of your data and quickly turn information into valuable insight.

Experian has over 25 years’ experience bringing clarity to data where there is complexity. The company combines unique and unparalleled data, analytics, expertise and technology to help you better understand and meet the needs of your customers globally.

Whether you need to optimise and enrich data for better customer experiences or prepare data for improved business intelligence, Experian can work with you to ensure that your data is accurate and reliable, so you can quickly turn information into insight and make better business decisions.

How they can help you

Experian offers global data quality and enrichment solutions, powered by cutting edge technology and the most accurate address and location datasets available, including AddressBase Premium, to support your company’s operational and analytical needs. The full suite of data quality solutions includes data capture, validation, cleansing and analysis: building a rich view of customers using the most accurate and comprehensive address, location, property, consumer, government and utilities data available on the market.

In addition, Experian offers specialist data consultancy services to help you through even the most complex data challenges, from assessing and identifying issues, right through to developing and implementing your project or solution. This includes enabling you to reap the full value of your organisation’s existing data and any additional datasets you may take such as Ordnance Survey’s AddressBase.

Experian has thousands of customers across the world, using address validation solutions along with AddressBase Premium data in a diverse set of industries. Its strength lies in services for Public Sector, Utilities, Telecommunications, Retail, Financial Services and Logistics.

Customers in all sectors and of all sizes use Experian’s address validation and cleansing solutions, from small start-up organisations to FTSE 100 companies. Cost varies depending on the solution or service required, the complexity of your needs and existing infrastructure, and the volume and type of data that you have.


Improving accuracy and data protection compliance of address and contact data – through a full data cleanse by Experian Data Quality - the charity and palliative care provider Royal Trinity Hospice was able to streamline its communications, reducing waste and costs by alleviating unwanted mail, and ensuring appropriate data protection of its fundraising network.

"Now that this particular exercise has been completed, Trinity can move on to further appropriate analysis with the overall aim of continuing to deliver a positive experience for all our supporters. The less waste of mailing unknown and gone-aways means that we can direct more philanthropic support towards the care and support provided to our patients, their families and carers."
Marc Stowell Head of Fundraising, Royal Trinity Hospice