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Experian provides a comprehensive suite of data quality and enrichment solutions for organisations of all sizes and sectors.

For over 25 years, we have brought clarity where there is complexity. We combine unique and unparalleled data, analytics, expertise and technology to help you better understand and meet the needs of your customers.

Whether you need to optimise and enrich data for better customer experiences or prepare data for improved business intelligence, we ensure that your data is accurate and reliable, so you can quickly turn information into insight, mitigate risk and make better business decisions.


Experian’s global data quality and enrichment solutions are powered by cutting edge technology and the most accurate and comprehensive datasets available, including AddressBase® Premium.

We can help you through even the most complex data challenges, from assessing and identifying issues, right through to developing and implementing your project or solution.

Thousands of customers worldwide rely on our solutions to:

  • Capture, validate, complete and enrich postal address, email addressees and phone numbers globally in real-time
  • Assess, cleanse, enrich and suppress the data that powers business operations
  • Enable seamless preparation, analysis, transformation and migration of data for digital transformation
  • Connect multiple data sources to deliver a single, complete and accurate view of customers
  • Build a rich and true view of customers using the most accurate and comprehensive address, location, property, consumer, government or utilities data available on the market.