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Geomni – a Verisk company

Geomni UK is Verisk’s primary geospatial analytics business. Verisk’s geospatial solutions deliver high-resolution imagery and data of properties and neighbourhoods, to inform decision-making across multiple industries and markets.

Geomni UK is part of Verisk, a global leader in data and analytic solutions for Insurance, Environment and Finance markets. Geomni UK creates and maintains a range of spatial databases and land-use classifications, in addition to Ordnance Survey data supply. It integrates Geomni and OS products, such as AddressBase, to deliver complete customer solutions. It has 550 million features and attributes within its detailed database of London and the surrounding areas, and 98% coverage of detailed building attributes across Great Britain.

How they can help you

Geomni provides spatial data and API services delivering both standard OS data and bespoke data sets tailored to customer needs. Geomni provide data to OS customers via a number of platforms, including bespoke datasets to meet customer content and geography requirements, data enrichment using Geomni datasets, and API delivery of Address and Mapping data.

Geomni UK products that can be combined with OS data to simplify integration into business systems include:

  • UKBuildings – a unique national database of building characteristics to provide detailed information about individual buildings and to give an understanding of the character of an area. If you need to know the age, use, height, residential type, number of floors, location, structural detail, or area of a building, UKBuildings can help.
  • UKMap – a comprehensive and highly detailed view of buildings and their use, land-use and land-cover for the Greater London area. The unique information available within the product supports a wide range of uses including planning, design and development projects and site investigations.
  • UKLand – available as either a clutter model for telecom network operators; or a spatial land use database. It is designed to help users gain an understanding of large areas or regions, or identify specific areas, and offers a comprehensive and consistent view of the use of the land across the UK.

Geomni UK work with industries including Insurance, Telecoms, Infrastructure Projects / Consultancies, Emergency Services, Land / Property, and Central and Local Government. Geomni UK works at all levels of investment.


Geomni works with the UK’s public sector to help with long term energy planning, helping to meet climate change commitments using the Energy Path Network tool. Geomni have helped model London’s energy use: Geomni building information, together with Ordnance Survey Data (and other third-party data), was used to model buildings in London and analyse their energy performance. The ‘3D building stock’ model has been used in a series of consultations to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

In utilities and telecoms, Geomni is involved in national 5G network planning and roll-out, as well as helping companies prioritise maintenance programmes based on risk assessment of the buildings most likely impacted by a service failure.

Supporting health and safety in the UK, Geomni has enabled local governments to evaluate pavement widths as part of the COVID-19 response, to maintain social distancing. Geomni data was also used during rioting in London used to identify premises and addresses where civilians lived above shops, enabling emergency services to prioritise their safety.

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