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Geoxphere specialises in Cloud GIS software to help make using and managing geospatial information easy and insightful. 

We focus on building cost-effective cloud-based GIS solutions for our customers. Whether your organisation is new to GIS or want to switch away from expensive software, we’re here to provide the fit-for-purpose tools you need without breaking the bank. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer enterprise-level GIS services with friendly and effective support.

Partner solutions

XMAP is a cloud-based GIS used by private and public sector alike to share geospatial data across an organisation in a structured and intuitive way. Organisations can create and share business mapping data without the risks involved in using silos of desktop GIS or the expense of traditional GIS suppliers. Our software is continuously updated so you always have the latest data and tools to hand.

Parish Online is our digital mapping solution for town, parish and community councils across England, Wales and Scotland. It’s ultra-low cost and full of the data and tools Local Councils need to carry out neighbourhood plans, assess planning applications and manage their assets. Local Councils with a PSGA licence get all eligible Ordnance Survey layers included and fully maintained out-the-box.

As well as our software, we also provide aerial survey and mobile mapping services using the latest technology and methods.