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Global Mapping is your one-stop shop for all your mapping needs. Global Mapping offer a bespoke comprehensive mapping service including the full range of GIS and DTP solutions producing maps for print, CD, GIS or Internet creating maps to meet your exact requirement. This can be site centred wall maps, quality maps to promote your business or map based, interactive websites.

Global Mapping also publish their own range of wall maps, including colourful World Maps, Postcode Maps and Planispheres, which you can buy from its own map shop ‘MapStop’ in Brackley.


Ordnance Survey maps make the ideal base for displaying your information over such as depicting sales territories, postcode boundaries, office locations, site centred maps etc. All we need as a spreadsheet with your data on and we can do the rest.

Map extracts can be used in guides or as promotional maps to enhance your corporate image. GIS users can obtain Ordnance Survey data from us or if you don’t have a GIS don’t worry, we can help you achieve the result you’re looking for!