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Intergraph delivers core geospatial products and focussed industry solutions (from national mapping to utilities) and is the leading supplier of public safety incident management systems. 

Uniquely, Intergraph unites capabilities normally split between disparate software providers, from conventional GIS, image analysis and photogrammetry to advanced spatial modelling. Its underlying Enterprise Information Management streamlines data management and maximises reuse. 

Supporting different platforms, interfaces and standards-based interoperability ensures customers can address the increasingly diverse needs of their users, deployments and use cases.

Together with Leica Geosystems, Intergraph is part of Hexagon, a leading global provider of integrated design, measurement, visualisation and management technologies.


Intergraph provides a range of solutions to simplify and accelerate both the management and use of Ordnance Survey vector data, raster mapping and imagery.

These include tools to manage OS MasterMap vector data  (including full change-only-update capabilities), management of  address and network data sets, simplified imagery management and specialised tools to publish OS MasterMap as an optimised raster backdrop layer.