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JBA Risk Management is a leading provider of natural hazard modelling services. We are people with experience and great ideas which we deliver through exceptional technical expertise. We provide security through knowledge, helping our clients to understand and manage natural peril risk. We specialise in re/insurance-focused risk modelling at national and international scale.

Our offering includes natural hazard maps, probabilistic models, post-event analysis and bespoke consulting services. We use JFlow in much of what we do. JFlow is our scientifically acclaimed 2D hydraulic modelling software, which reached the 2012 finals of the Royal Academy of Engineering’s prestigious MacRobert Award.


JBA’s Comprehensive Flood Map shows the extents and depths of six different flood types over multiple return periods. The inclusion of Ordnance Survey address data bridges the gap between an insurer’s portfolio and the hazard map. The result is a map which shows clearly which properties, if any, fall within an area at risk of flooding. Insurers benefit by being able to assess their exposure more securely, while property owners benefit from fair premiums.