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Our company has been developed to remove the barriers that result in developers and buyers missing out, wasting time and incurring unnecessary costs.

Combining our technology with data from Ordnance Survey and Land Registry, we have merged the physical and digital world, to make finding new land opportunities a simpler and more effective process. We offer the tools you need to get insights about sites, owners, planning applications, planning policy and market valuations for developments.



Land Insight provides a fast and easy way of identifying and assessing land with development potential. We’re a data platform at heart, providing up-to-date land and property information such as land ownership, planning applications, site constraints, and market conditions.

We do this in a way that can easily be visualised, cross-referenced and filtered so you can search for exactly what you need. We provide a range of satellite and Ordnance Survey maps to look at opportunities with precision and from all angles. Alongside the mapping and data elements are a suite of workflow tools to keep on track and build up your own area-based knowledge.