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Meet the partner

Landmark Information Group Ltd

Landmark Information delivers property related environmental risk information, geospatial data managed services, digital mapping, online analysis tools, data services and consultancy – for property professionals who want the most up-to-date information.

Landmark Information is the UK’s leading provider of land and property search information, including digital mapping, environmental risk reports and sophisticated property management tools to all property professionals such as Architects, Surveyors, Lenders, Environmental Consultants and Estate Agents.

It provides access to the largest repository of professional mapping and data in the UK, working closely with industry leaders including Ordnance Survey, the Environment Agency, the Coal Authority and the British Geological Survey which enables Landmark to offer the most accurate data and information.

How they can help you

Landmark helps those looking to buy land, design or build a development, manage a redevelopment project, sell or lease land or property, invest in or secure funding, undertake compliance and more by providing a wealth of location intelligence that can be relied on.

With the largest repository of professional mapping and data in the UK, Landmark provides access to a wide range of maps, data and services including:

  • Small and large-scale digital mapping and data
  • Historical maps
  • Aerial photography
  • Points of Interest location intelligence data
  • Site intelligence reports
  • High-quality environmental risk data and reports (e.g. flood risk, contaminated land, ground stability and subsidence risk)
  • Planning information

Landmark Information offers a wide portfolio of services, data and online solutions to cater for all property industry needs, from risk management and fraud, environmental risk, digital mapping and data for public and private sectors.

Landmark Information offers services to all land and property data professionals, from start-ups, SME, mid-sized, to multi-national enterprise plus all elements of local and central government, infrastructure and utilities.

Pricing is variable depending on Customer requirements and can range from £15 for an off-the-shelf product, to £250,000 for a Bespoke Data Management Service.


"I really like the planning and flooding layers as this is an excellent source of easy to access information. These are two layers that makes Promap stand out as being the first place I would go to obtain this information. Trawling through the council websites is a pain to obtain this information, so this saves me a considerable amount of time."
James Day, Hamptons International
"Promap makes our lives easier and assists us in delivering our projects on time with a high degree of accuracy. I've worked in the housebuilding industry for over 20 years and Promap has always been a service that I've used."
James Narsai-Latham, Astle Planning
"I can’t remember not using Promap to be honest – it’s been the application I always revert to in order to identify and measure sites, pinpoint locations calculate distances between places and calculate a distance radius from a given target."
Stephen Salloway FRICS, Managing Director, Salloway Property Consultants