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Landmark Information delivers market-leading property related environmental risk information, digital mapping, online analysis tools, data services and consultancy.

Landmark works with other industry leaders to provide the most accurate data and services, chosen by property professionals who want the most up-to-date location information.

With the largest repository of professional mapping and data in the UK, Landmark provides access to a wide range of maps, data and services including:

  • Small and large-scale digital mapping and data
  • GIS, historical maps
  • Aerial photography
  • Site intelligence reports
  • High quality environmental risk data and report (e.g. flood risk, contaminated land, ground stability and subsidence risk)
  • Planning information

Landmark helps those looking to buy land, design or build a development, manage a redevelopment project, sell or lease land or property, invest in or secure funding, undertake compliance and more by providing a wealth of location intelligence that can be relied on.

Partner solutions

Landmark Information offers a wide portfolio of services, data and online solutions to cater for all property industry needs, from risk management and fraud, environmental risk, digital mapping and data for public and private sectors.

One area is Environmental Services offering digital mapping and location data, environmental analysis and risk reporting.

Another is Estate Agency Services, offering comprehensive housing data, floorplan technology and property valuation and surveying software.

Landmark’s Legal division deliver a comprehensive and flexible range of environmental, flood and planning reports to support legal and conveyancing professionals with residential and commercial transactions.

Landmark’s Valuation Services division provide survey and mortgage valuation technologies, along with fraud detection and prevention tools to support lenders and surveyors in combating potential frauds.

Finally, Landmark Solutions delivers managed solutions, GIS and cloud-based data services to the public and private sectors and is on the G-Cloud framework.