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LexisNexis is a leading provider of location and risk intelligence solutions to the global insurance industry. LexisNexis's risk assessment and exposure management platform, Geo, enables property insurers to aggregate their risk data from multiple sources, allowing them to make more informed underwriting decisions, better manage their risk and exposure, and increase underwriting efficiencies and profitability.

Over eight thousand commercial property underwriters rely on Geo to assess their risk and manage their exposure. Delivered as a Software-as-a-Service, Geo offers several modules including underwriting, exposure management and broker management.


LexisNexis's Geo Underwriting service is a risk assessment and accumulations management application for property underwriters. It provides insurers with real-time visibility into policy accumulations, perils risk data and claims history across their book of business. Geo Underwriting allows underwriters to more accurately assess risk at the individual property level, at the point-of-sale – resulting in better quality underwriting, increased business, and cost savings through reduced claims and reinsurance costs.

By simplifying the underwriter’s workflow and bringing lots of data into one view, this results in fewer referrals, and the speed and accuracy of underwriting is increased.