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Magellium Limited was established in 2009 as the UK subsidiary of Magellium SAS, a French technology company of 170 employees. Located on the Harwell Oxford campus, the company specialises in signal and image processing, geomatics, advanced IT and vision based systems. Magellium develops complete solutions to generate maps from aerial and satellite imagery.

We also design and develop applications using optical and radar imagery including algorithms to identify patterns or detect change over time. Our expertise in geomatics includes remote sensing, photogrammetry, cartography, spatial geodesy, ortho-rectification and automatic image registration.


Magellium offers a high performance orthorectification and geopositioning system for raster datasets. The Orthoweb systems allows low accuracy satellite or airborne sensor images to be automatically corrected to a high degree of accuracy. The system performance is augmented by GPU parallel processing and it is available both as a web service and a thick client.

Additionally Magellium can offer a wide variety of services for geospatial, GIS and remote sensing solutions including technical studies, system specifications and development, system integration and maintenance.