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Map16 is passionate about providing the most accurate and user-friendly asset management solutions on the market. Our clients are able to manage their highway assets in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We provide one system for every asset, creating a centralised hub to access any asset data required. Our system includes bespoke iOS and Android mobile collection solutions, combined with a dashboard where you can get any dataset in two clicks or less.


Map16 uses Ordnance Survey data to provide accurate data collection solutions for every asset. These include gully maintenance, grit bin maintenance, arboriculture, grass cutting, traffic signs and all other works carried out on UK highways.

Our key focus is on providing solutions that give our clients an innovative approach to risk-based maintenance regimes. Geospatial information can be used to create a targeted and a more cost-effective approach to highway maintenance.

Both our mobile and desktop solutions have been “made by users, for users”, a simple concept of designing systems usable by all, not just the select few. Empowering organisations with systems people actually want to use, day in day out.

Map16 also provides solutions for Flood Risk analysis, Cyclical cleansing optimisations and highway surveying.