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Newgrove are experts in geospatial business intelligence. Our cloud based software enables users to display information about location on an Ordnance Survey map background. Newgrove are experts in handling very large volumes of data from many sources simultaneously and our applications analyse and display that data on easy to understand dashboards and maps.

Our applications are available 24/7 via a browser anytime, anywhere, via any Internet connected device. Newgrove provide enterprise scale analytics solutions for organisations such as Royal Mail®, the Financial Times®, the Post Office and local government and government bodies such as London Boroughs and the Environment Agency®.


Newgrove’s applications provide interactions with the map, at every scale down to OS MasterMap level. Users can pan, zoom, and measure. Layers of information can be added such as aerial photography, demography and boundaries and turned on and off at will. A gazetteer is included that will zoom to any named location. Places can be linked to documents, images etc. and vice versa.

Users can also draw on the map, print off maps, and add documents and images, mark points and complete forms. By using the online channel our clients save on form filling, correspondence, phone calls, travelling time and interviews.