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Founded in 2005, RouteBuddy Ltd are a UK-based developer of GPS-enabled mapping software. Our goal is continual development of high-quality mapping software that unlocks the potential of mass-market GPS devices and enables the most powerful method of desktop use of digital maps.

To support our software we have also developed the RouteBuddy Store, which provides a gateway to purchasing digital maps for use in our products. Our original desktop mapping software was released in 2006, and was followed by mobile software for Apple’s iOS platform. We have continued to develop both desktop and mobile products, and offer leading cross-platform desktop support for both Microsoft Windows and Apple’s Mac OS X.

Partner solutions

RouteBuddy provide the only offline cross-platform digital map software that is extensible for all needs, purposes and use of geodata. Currently on Windows and Mac OS X RouteBuddy can also be extended to Linux should needs be. Digital maps used on RouteBuddy are: vector, raster and layered satellite imagery.