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Space Syntax provides evidence-based consulting services in urban planning and architectural design. Combining extensive global experience with robust and sophisticated technologies, we forecast the effects of planning and design decisions on the movement and interaction of people in buildings and urban areas.

We work to de-risk property investment decisions, showing how the layout of places can be optimised to enhance the social, economic and environmental value of developments. Using a highly graphic, data-rich and audience-engaging set of techniques, we help our clients achieve powerful results quickly. Our track record includes some of the world’s most prestigious and challenging projects.

Partner solutions

We use the Ordnance Survey MasterMap Topography Layer and Ordnance Survey MasterMap Integrated Transport NetworkTM Layer to build Urban Performance Models of towns and cities in the UK. We analyse and visualise various aspects of the built form and socio-economic functioning of places.

We integrate data sets using our own GIS-based spatial analysis software, showing how spatial design – the layout of streets and public spaces – influences key performance indicators such as land value, traffic flow and crime. Our expert advice is built on the robust foundations that Ordnance Survey MasterMap provides.