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Founded in 1992, SGSA provided GIS Consultancy and Digital Map Production for UK government, local government and commercial organisations for 16 years. During this period we installed two Mac based GIS systems for the Ministry of Defence; produced local plans, carried out tree surveys and a highways inventory for various local authorities.

A number of small, one off, cartographic projects were also undertaken, mainly for private companies. Since then the company has concentrated on the design and contents of the displays associated with satellite navigation systems and this is currently on-going.

Partner solutions

We are looking at the design and contents for displays associated with Satellite Navigation. Initially we used Ordnance Survey Street View at 1:10 000 scale raster on which we ‘inserted’ the Road Routing Information from OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network. This data was overlayed onto Land Form, and the 3D options of the MapMaker(TM) GIS software used to create simulated vehicle tracking along specified routes.

The current version uses OS VectorMap Local as not only the base, but also the source of the vector components of Road Routing Information. The ultimate goal is to create a Head Up Display of all relevant data.