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SplashMaps are washable, wearable, all-weather maps designed for the REAL outdoors. Take them with you if it’s raining snowing windy or sunny; whatever the weather they’ll beat traditional paper and laminate maps in our default weather conditions and won’t smash or lose power like GPS! A SplashMap weighs nothing and fits anywhere. It’s beautiful, durable and practical. It will take all the punishment you can give it and still keep you on track.

This is a fresh new market offering, never done before; uniquely based upon the best Ordnance Survey data and other open data sources. We are able to tailor these maps to be the most usable outdoor maps ever for walking, riding, cycling, eventing or anything you could do in the real outdoors.

Partner solutions

We can create bespoke maps for any occasion or event. We can adapt titles and logos of course, but because we deal in data, we can adapt colour pallet and content too! In our standard offer we provide our own cartographic style, but can also offer Ordnance Survey traditional paper map images on our fully waterproof fabric. We cover the whole of the UK and are develping maps of the USA and continental Europe also.