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StatMap is a UK head-quartered company, providing the most advanced and cutting-edge complete front-to-back web-based enterprise GIS, spatial business applications and data services available on the market.

eVO Platform, StatMap’s enterprise technology platform, provides complete coverage of spatial capabilities for all businesses and organisations, delivering data management, integration, creation, editing, analysis, and web-applications across the enterprise – all whilst embracing open concepts. eVO Flows – an internet browser-based application builder – provides you with the ability to create focused business apps for all devices and locations, for enterprise and public-facing applications.

Partner solutions

As part of the eVO Platform, we provide the highest performing Ordnance Survey data loading software (Courier and Raster Loader) on the market, enabling clients to manage unlimited geographic extents of OS map products, handling both full and change only updates.

Our eVO ETL software also enables full integration of LLPG, OS AddressBase, business systems, external data sources, and file types into your enterprise spatial data repository database. So making sharing data and advanced applications across the organisation a simple process. eVO also enables you to publish and serve your data in OGC-compliant formats to third-party and external applications.

Our eVO Data Services provides fully hosted OS PSGA and Open Data stacks for WMS, WMTS and WFS. eVO Addressing provides full UK-wide AddressBase Premium addressing and geocoding services.

eVO Business Centre provides enterprise applications (e.g. planning, building control, housing management, licencing, etc.) built upon the eVO Platform – all featuring fully managed OS data stacks.

We offer consultancy services to help organisations excel using spatial, identifying business solutions and implementing the eVO Platform.