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Sterling Geo has built a reputation for capability, quality and service. The organisation’s competency emanates from a combination of having the right people and our specialist technical capability.

At the forefront of all major changes and challenges that face the geospatial industry, Sterling Geo understands and undertakes work to meet the commercial and technical pressures that have evolved with big data and complex network environments. Where there’s a need for accurate, actionable information, there’s Sterling Geo.

Through our key strategic relationships with Intergaph® and Safe, we provide the highest quality geospatial software combined with geographic data from Ordnance Survey amongst others. Our flexibility is key to maintaining our customers who include: the National Grid, the MOD in the UK, British Transport Police and UKPN.

Partner solutions

Our arrangement with Ordnance Survey sees us able to provide an on-demand map service and change only updates. We can deliver mapping in GIS or CAD format to precise areas of interest, ‘cookie-cutting’ the section of the map that you need. We receive the latest maps from Ordnance Survey® so you can be assured that your map will be as up to date as possible.

We implement Web Map Services into organisations handling all geographic raster and vector data. Our specialist services include the rasterisation of OS MasterMap®, experienced geo consultancy and the delivery of GIS solutions.