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Tech4T are territory experts. We supply specialist services and/or software to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of any company or franchise that deploys a field force, territory infrastructure or an outlet distribution network.

Using visual analytics, logistics and GIS, we turn data patterns into actionable geographic-focused insights that drive improved sales, brand marketing and field force planning. We also provide an evaluation framework to let you test concepts and solutions prior to deployment.

Partner solutions

Using a blend of Ordnance Survey cartography and data products coupled with our unique geo-analytical skill-set built up over 20 years, we give sales reps, field force teams and franchise companies:

A detailed geographical understanding of where market potential can be found.
Clarity of customer types, value and how target customers can be segmented both analytically and geographically.
Optimised territory structures, where every team member has the right amount of similar opportunity.
Individualised personalised maps for sales and franchise territories and for direct mail and email campaigns.
Visit schedules and call plans to reduce driving time and cost.