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TerraQuest is an established provider of land and property research, data capture, transformation & management and GIS technology solutions – delivered through portals, development planning and administrative business process solutions to both the public and private sector.

We provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to the public and private sectors. Our online services include pre-employment and security checks, digital mapping, land and property portals and the National Planning Portal for England and Wales. We provide online access to Ordnance Survey maps including maps for planning applications, and secure portals accessing additional GI data which transform data insight and data management services.

Partner solutions

TerraQuest offers a variety of services, such as land referencing information by researching land ownership, occupation and rights over land proposed for development. We offer GIS and data services, including data integration and analysis via cloud-based solutions, data capture, web-based land information and more. We also offer planning solutions, business process services, digital mail room services and pre-employment security checks.