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TM is the largest provider of property searches to the conveyancing sector. Operating across England, Scotland and Wales, TM is now extending its services to reach other professionals involved in a property transaction to provide transparency and encourage collaboration.

At TM, we create robust and reliable solutions for our customers, joining up other emerging, market driven innovations into a coherent platform, which can minimise and manage the risk of a transaction for everyone involved. TM continues to lead the way in the creation of technology and standards to deliver greater transparency, efficiency and certainty to the UK housing market.

Partner solutions

Take advantage of TM’s data resources, technical expertise and experience to enhance your services. We tailor our solution to your needs by employing a variety of spatial services and techniques including:

Location Determination.*Gazetteer lookups – to aid the location determination of non-addressable objects.
Address lookups.
Reverse geocoding – to identify a candidate addresses through Location Mapping.
Detailed Mapping – OS MasterMap Topography Layer.
Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) geospatial and location standards; Web Mapping Service (WMS), Web Feature Service (WFS).
Other features also include:

Location mapping.
Data management.
Operational management.