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TreeWise Solutions provide software, GIS, mapping and surveying products and services to local authorities, housing associations and other landowners for the management of their trees and other asset data. TreeWise is our proprietary GIS based software for the mapping, inspection and management of tree resources including works, enquiries, reporting, mapping and planning tools.

TreeWise Solutions can also offer a full GIS mapping, data capture and software development service for wider Grounds Maintenance Management. TreeWise Solutions became an Ordnance Survey partner in 2012 following a request from many clients to supply Ordnance Survey mapping products as part of our overall solution.

Partner solutions

Our clients own large tree resources and need to balance the benefits of trees with management issues. By their very nature, trees are geographical features, which require mapping and collected data needs regular updating and management.

TreeWise allows users to map, inspect and manage their trees and our surveyors are qualified arborists. By becoming an Ordnance Survey partner, we are able to offer our clients a full solution for mapping, inspecting and managing all their tree data. We can also map, inspect and manage other geographical data sets such as grass, shrubs, hedges, benches etc for wider grounds and asset management.