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Treework Environmental Practice
Treework Environmental Practice is the industry-leading arboricultural and ecological consultancy providing high-quality services to clients throughout the UK. Treework Environmental Practice is an established and reputable practice, which prides itself on its innovation and has invested in improving the awareness and understanding of the health, structure and condition of trees.

Treework Environmental Practice works to pioneer new approaches to safeguard trees and their habitats for future generations. For over 20 years Treework Environmental Practice has worked with companies from a variety of industries including landowners, construction, government, landscape architecture and arboriculture.

Partner solutions

Mapping Services, Treework Environmental Practice has extensive expertise in the use of GIS mapping to analyse and manage trees and landscape. Our mapping services include:

GPS/Laser plotting: accurate plotting of landscape features, vegetation mapping recording the extent and integration of vegetation types on a plan for easy interpretation.
Spatial Analysis: Spatial analysis is the selection and analysis of recorded information on a GIS. This system allows us to analyse recorded features within or between mapped boundaries or boundaries defined by ourselves.
Historic Layering: Having recorded the age of mapped features, we are able to place them in separate layers according to their age and display these separately or together in order to show historic landscape change.
Site and Boundary Definition: Accurate surveying and mapping of site boundaries using GPS and Laser.
Site Hazard Zoning: Mapping zones according to the value of structures within them and levels of public access. This system enables the land/tree manager to prioritise areas for survey and management works. Sites may be zoned according to other criteria where required.