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Meet the partner


Valos harnesses cutting edge technology and integrates 1000s of data points to automate the production of valuations and reports, across all use classes, in minutes.

Valos removes the manual and time-consuming data gathering, report writing and templating processes enabling professionals to gather property-specific information in bespoke reports instantaneously. By automating these processes, their software provides you with the time and data to concentrate on the tasks where you can add the most value.

How they can help you

Valos is an end-to-end platform and cloud-based solution with cross-industry applicability for surveyors, lenders, developers, investors and agents.

Gather: key property-specific information

Generate: comprehensive reports using natural language processing

Customise: branded templates and edit content with complete autonomy

Manage: the collaboration, editing and distribution of reports.

Their software enables professionals to make more accurate and informed decisions in a fraction of the time.