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WeGetGEO consists of experienced GIS consultants that provide a range of services to support our clients articulate, implement and support the use of GIS technologies. We can help you get the best from your investment in data and technologies by providing consultancy services targeted at your specific needs.

We can help you prepare your GIS project, as well as support designing and implementing the solution. WeGetGEO provides, strategic consultancy services, solution design and implementation services, GIS mentoring, training, hosting and mapping data.

Partner solutions

We can help you get started with the use of Ordnance Survey data embedded into a range of technology platforms. We can advise you on the products and how you might want to use these in your organisation. As a partner with Ordnance Survey we can provide all the Ordnance Survey data, but often structured in a format that best suits your GIS needs. We will extract data for an agreed area and help ensure your data is loaded into your GIS technology.

We can also provide a hosted service for your GIS data and deliver this utilising award-winning technologies. we also utilise a range of mapping data sets that fall within the Open Data initiative supported by Ordnance Survey. Where appropriate we will recommend this Open Data.