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Access our partner network to get more from your OS data

Europa Technologies Ltd.

Europa Technologies is an award-winning specialist in digital maps and associated services for a wide variety of market sectors and applications.

Ambiental Technical Solutions

Ambiental provide flood risk consultancy, flood modelling, floodmap production and catastrophe models. Ambiental's products and services cater for a range of customer groups with solutions tailored to suit a variety of budgets and applications within the UK and internationally.


Addresscloud provides software services to geocode and describe addresses with rooftop accuracy using high quality data from our market-leading partners.


For over 20 years, emapsite has been at the forefront of the UK geospatial industry - helping businesses of all sizes realise the value of location data.


Precisely is the global leader in data integrity. We are the architects behind the accuracy and consistency of your data. Our approach gives you the confidence and context to reach beyond today’s performance. We move and help process data with integrity, giving tomorrow’s market leaders the ability to make better decisions and, ultimately, build new possibilities.

Allies Computing

Allies Computing is a leading UK provider of postcode lookup and address validation technology. Since 1987, we've helped thousands of organisations to improve the quality of their data.

Business Insight

Business Insight is a UK based independent company specialising in providing perils risk models, quote enrichment data and premium analysis software to the UK Insurance industry.


LexisNexis is a leading provider of location and risk intelligence solutions to the global insurance industry. LexisNexis's risk assessment and exposure management platform, Geo, enables property insurers to aggregate their risk data from multiple sources, allowing them to make more informed underwriting decisions, better manage their risk and exposure, and increase underwriting efficiencies and profitability.

Esri UK

Esri UK is the leading provider of geographic information system (GIS) technology, helping businesses become more profitable, and public services more efficient through a better understanding and analysis of location-based information.


Geomni is Verisk's primary Remote Sensing and Data Capture business, offering aerial imagery and unique datasets with an emphasis on land-use and information about the characteristics of buildings.


CentremapsLive specialises in topographical, measured building and underground services surveying where data capture and information accuracy is critical. As an Ordnance Survey ‘Mapping and Data Centre’, we’re an established provider of digital and paper mapping.


GBGroup is a world leading Identity Intelligence business. GBGroup combine identity with technology to create an environment of trust so that organisations can connect, communicate and transact with consumers safely, responsibly and profitably.

Bluesky International Limited

Bluesky is an innovative and agile geographic information company formed in 2003 with the capability to capture, process, create and derive a broad range of market specific spatial datasets.


Experian is an industry-leading provider of data quality, management and enrichment solutions globally that are designed to unlock the power of your data and quickly turn information into valuable insight.


MAPCITE is a global platform which allows you to leverage the power of location in your data.

Aligned Assets Limited

Aligned Assets are an industry leader in AddressBase®, gazetteer and address management solutions. They supply software across the public and private sectors including over 100 local authorities, fire and rescue services and police forces.